Schevron 60 oak


Klasa prime


no defects, mixed grain, no sapwood, sound knots, up to 10 mm, pin knots up to 2 mm, putty, gloss acceptable, any grain, color differences may occur

Klasa Natur


Mixed grain, sound knots allowed up to 30 mm, knots filled with putty up to 10 mm, color differences allowed, no sapwood, gloss allowed, core not allowed

Klasa Rustic


Mixed grain, healthy knots up to 60 mm allowed, knots filled with putty up to 25 mm, no cracks at the ends, natural discoloration and a closed pin core allowed, sapwood not allowed, gloss allowed, any graining, color differences may occur


Our floors finished with three layers of hardwax-oil or 3 layers of varnish, create a beautiful surface that gives the interior character and elegance.

Finished with three layers of oil-wax by oxidation. After applying a layer of oil, each board is left to dry for a minimum of 24 hours, which causes the pores of the wood to be thoroughly filled with oil and the wax to crystallize on the surface of the board. The last topcoat creates a very durable coating. This technology gives you the opportunity to perform local repairs, even on your own.

Covers the surface of the wood, protecting it against dirt and moisture penetration. Three coats of varnish applied by spraying guarantee maximum resistance to wear, scratches and impacts.

wax cleaning and care agent
Concentrate for everyday cleaning and care of wooden floors
care oil
Liquid for cleaning and care of oiled wooden surfaces

Instructions for use and care
of hardwax-oil floors

Current and periodic care recommendations:

  1. After installing the floor, do not cover the floor with carpet or polyethylene foil for 7 days (if necessary, cover with corrugated cardboard).
  2. Perform the first maintenance with the Wax Cleaner and Care Agent 3029, and in the case of bleached floors with the Wax Cleaner and Care Agent, White 3087. We perform it after laying the floor.
  3. Routine care is performed with Wisch-Fix 8016 Concentrate.
  4. Secure the furniture with a system of felt pads, and use specialized protective mats under the armchairs with wheels.
  5. Use a dirt collection system (doormats before and after entering the facility, house or apartment). A properly designed wiper system should include 3 cleaning zones: coarse, intermediate and drying. In public use, the dirt collection system should be a minimum of 2.5 meters of the current cleaning line.
  6. Always remove sand and dust from the Osmo surface (vacuum cleaner, cloth, mop) on a regular basis.
  7. Separate rubber home furnishings or items from Osmo coatings (coatings may react with rubber).
  8. For daily washing, use a detergent called Wisch-Fix 8016 Concentrate acc. application card recommendations. The floor should always be washed with a damp but not dripping mop (wipe excess moisture with a dry cloth).
  9. Remove local heavy dirt with Wax Care and Cleaning Spray 3029 Spray or Wax Cleaner and Care Agent 3029 (according to the application card).
  10. During renovation works, protect the floor against damage (e.g. with corrugated cardboard).
  11. Deep damage to Osmo coatings should be sanded gently with 150 grit paper, and in the case of brushed floors, sand with 150 grit sandpaper and brushed with a brush with metal or vinyl bristles, then remove dust and apply (e.g. with a cloth) an oil wax adequate to the applied oil (e.g. 3032 or colored for colored floors) in the correct number of coats.
  12. Rooms where the floor will be used should be equipped with: room thermometer, hygrometer, air humidifier. Regularly ventilate the rooms (does not apply to the winter period) and maintain the relative humidity of the air at the level of 45–60%, and the air temperature in the range of 18–24 degrees Celsius, this is a condition of the warranty. During the winter-heating period, it is absolutely essential to use air humidifier in order to maintain the required rellative humidity.