from the heart of Masuria

Where did it come from?


Nature has already created everything that is most beautiful, so we do not compete with it, but follow it. Mazurska Deska was created out of love for wood and Masuria. In our floorboards you will find the best features of wood and a bit of Masurian soul. You can have this wonderful combination at home to enjoy every day.

The unique process of production Mazurska Deska floors allows you to enhance the natural beauty of the highest quality oak wood. Our customers also appreciate the longevity and exceptional durability of our floorboards and the extremely large selection.

  • Over 32 shades
  • 3 selections of wood
  • boards in widths from 100 mm up to 260 mm
  • 3 widths of herringbone
  • 7 widths of boards
  • 4 ways to finish wood.

Independently of the style of your home, no matter what functions the rooms have, for which you need to find the substrate – Mazurska Deska is for you. 32 different shades of wood offer you a choice. Three selections (Prime, Natur and Rustic) make use of how truly changeable and original material wood is. You can choose from a range of board width settings, connection types and configurations. Get to know our collections of Mazurski Classic Collection and Mazurski Vintage – Mazurska Deska has exactly the look you dream about and how it looks.


The highest quality wooden construction – the best choice for your home.