Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy is a set of rules the purpose of which is to familiarize you with all aspects of the process of obtaining, processing and securing your personal data.

The policy indicates the method and purposes of processing personal data provided to us, the rules for their protection and defines your rights in this respect. Mazurska Deska processes personal data for various purposes, and depending on the purpose, different methods of collection, legal grounds for processing, use, disclosure and storage periods may apply.

The protection of personal data is particularly important to us, we prioritize the security of all data we have. The standards and principles of personal data processing security implemented by us, including data protection, confidentiality and security.

Regular checks of the measures introduced in terms of their adequacy in order to secure the data held and the principle of minimizing their processing guarantee the security and transparency of the conducted processes.

Personal data is processed on the basis of applicable law, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter: GDPR) and the Personal Data Protection Act


The administrator of your personal data is Podłogi Sławomir Trzciński, Dariusz Trzciński, Janusz Trzciński Spółka Cywilna. ul. Sosnowa 12, 12-140 Swietajno. NIP 7451849296, REGON 369269331 (hereinafter: Mazurska Deska/ Administrator) If you have any questions related to data processing, please contact us via the e-mail address


Mazurska Deska processes your personal data only on the basis of applicable law. The legal grounds for the processing of personal data in each process are set out in the appropriate tab above.

Mazurska Deska processes your personal data taking into account not only the legitimate interest of the Administrator, but above all with respect for your rights under the provisions on the protection of personal data and their impact on the activities undertaken in selected areas of activity.


Mazurska Deska transfers personal data to other entities, including state authorities, only on the basis of legal provisions. Due to the conducted business activity, which requires securing many administrative and technical elements, Mazurska Deska entrusts the processing of personal data to external entities. We make every effort to provide our services with the highest quality with the support of external entities. Concluded, relevant entrustment agreements guarantee the highest standard of protection and confidentiality and security of personal data, as well as their use only for the purpose of fulfilling the contractual or legal obligation of the Administrator.

The personal data processed by us may be transferred to:

  • I will not need external entities that provide services on behalf of Mazurska Deska for the purposes for which we process your personal data, including in the field of customer service (e.g. complaints), services related to the recruitment process, debt recovery, logistics, postal and courier, marketing and advertising, customs, accounting and accounting, hotel and technical.
  • entities ensuring the security of IT systems, suppliers of information technology, software, hosting or website management, backup copies or data analysis.
  • authorities supervising compliance with the law, regulatory authorities and other state authorities or third parties, if required by applicable law (in a manner consistent with these regulations).

Mazurska Deska hereby reserves the right to disclose selected information about the data subject to competent authorities or third parties who submit a request for such information, based on an appropriate legal basis and in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

Due to the international nature of the Administrator’s business, personal data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area.

Due to the international nature of the Administrator’s business, personal data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area. The transfer of personal data outside the EEA to a country which, according to the European Commission, does not guarantee an adequate level of personal data protection, takes place on the basis of an agreement that takes into account the EU requirements for the transfer of personal data outside the EEA, while maintaining appropriate clauses ensuring the security of processing.


You have the following rights in connection with the processing of personal data:

  • the right to access the processed personal data – on this basis, the Administrator, at the request of the data subject, provides information about the processing of personal data concerning him, including primarily the purposes and legal grounds for processing, the scope of data held, entities to whom personal data are disclosed and the planned date of their removal;
  • the right to rectify data – on this basis, the Administrator, at the request of the data subject, removes any inconsistencies or errors regarding the processed personal data, and supplements or updates them if they are incomplete or have changed;
  • the right to delete data – on this basis, the Administrator, at the request of the data subject, deletes data whose processing is no longer necessary to achieve any of the purposes for which they were collected, consent to their processing has been withdrawn or an objection has been raised, and it is not required for establishing, investigating or defending the Administrator’s claims;
  • the right to limit and transfer processing – on this basis, the Administrator, at the request of the data subject, ceases to perform operations on this personal data, to the extent corresponding to the law, and also issues this personal data in a format that allows them to be read by a computer;
  • the right to lodge a complaint – using this right, a person who considers that their personal data is processed contrary to applicable law may lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection;
  • the right to object – the data subject may at any time object to the processing of personal data for the purposes for which they were collected;
  • the right to withdraw consent – if we process personal data on the basis of consent, then the data subject may withdraw this consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not make the processing of personal data illegal until that moment, withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the previous processing, however, it will cause that personal data will no longer be used for these purposes.

An application regarding the exercise of the rights described above can be submitted via e-mail
The application should, if possible, precisely indicate what the request concerns, i.e. in particular the addressee of the application and whose rights described above the person submitting the application wants to use. If the Administrator is unable to determine the content of the request or identify the person submitting the request based on the submitted application, he will ask the applicant for additional information.
The response to the notification will be provided immediately, no later than within one month of its receipt. If it is necessary to extend this period, the Administrator will inform the applicant about the reasons for such extension. The answer is provided in electronic form via e-mail.


To the extent not covered by this Privacy Policy, the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and the GDPR shall apply.

The policy is reviewed on an ongoing basis and updated if necessary.

We reserve the right to change individual provisions of our privacy policy without prior notice. Please check our privacy policy each time before using our offer, so that in the event of possible changes and updates, you become familiar with their current version.


The administrator stores correspondence with the customer for statistical purposes and for the best and fastest response to emerging inquiries, including a request to delete or exercise the right to object, data collected in this way will not be used for purposes other than the implementation of the application.

If you have any questions related to the processing of personal data, please contact us via e-mail.